Friday, April 3, 2009

Progress this week...Redcoats for everyone

It has been a while since I posted an update. I plan on using the dipping method to paint most if not all of this army. That means getting a solid crisp base coat down. As I have said in some of my earlier posts, all of the non Mordian minis will be painted up with a traditional British Redcoat look (Red coats, white pants, black hats...). I'm also going to go with a wooden stock for as many of the guns that I can.

First up the Stormtroopers. Have 11 of these old style guys. Two plasma, and Two Sgts. My plan is to make a single squad of them (As stormtroopers) and use the extra Sgt as a Bodyguard for my Company Command squad. I don't own a Valk yet, so they will either be part of the Line, or be placed in one of the three Chimeras I have. Most of my decisions will be made once the new Codex comes out.

Second is my Veteran Unit. These guys are not GW. They are older minis from the High Command series put out by Folio Works. Really like the look of them. Too bad they are no longer made. The basic trooper weapon looks very much like a bolter with a smaller barrel. I'll be using them as Shotguns. I had an extra Flamer and Melta which I added to the unit. The guy in the middle of the back row, is actually a GW Guardsman from the very early days. Took a stormbolter and an Hvy flamer nossle from scrap leman russ parts and made him a Heavy flamer. I'll show better pics of him when they are done. The Sgt really looks like he has a Bolt pistol. Will have to wait and see what is in the actual codex to see what he will get.

Next up the Ogryns. Yeah I will be fielding them. I know they and the Stormtroopers are overpriced. But I have the minis, and can bearly field 2000points with the minis I have. I also have one of the old Yarrick minis... The thought of him attached to a unit of Ogryns popping out of a Chimera intrests me.

Finally the Silly Putty Leman Russ. Might change over the Mordian crewman to a different color scheme. Not sure yet.
That's all for now.


  1. I love those redcoated old-style storm troopers, mate: good work!

    And I'd be tempted to alter the tank commander's colours...

  2. the mordian tank commander is sweeeet