Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rough Draft for the 95th. 2000pts.

OK, looking through all the rumors that are out there, I think I have a rough draft for my Guard list using the new codex.

When building this force I was limited / guided by two things.

1) The number of Mordian Guard that I own, both basic troopers and special / Hvy Weapons.
2) The 95th Rifles theme. I want them to be the most accurate Guard army possible.


So Here goes...

HQ: Company Command Squad with Creed(Sharpe), Kell(Harper), HB team, Vox, Chimera, Astropath
HQ: Company Command Squad with Standard, HB team, Vox

Elite: Ogryns(5), in Chimera, given Infiltrate from Creed(Sharpe)
Elite: Stormtroopers(10), in Chimera, Two Plasmaguns, Power Weapon, Infiltrate

Troops: Veteran Squad, LasCannon, Melta, Vox
Troops: Veteran Squad, LasCannon, GL, GL, Vox, Demopack and Meltabombs
Troops: Veteran Squad, LasCannon, GL, GL, Vox, Demopack and Meltabombs
Troops: Veteran Squad, HB, Flamer, Flamer, Vox, Demopack and Meltabombs

Heavy: LRBT, Lascannon, HB Sponsons
Heavy: LRBT, Lascannon, HB Sponsons
Heavy: LRBT, Lascannon, HB Sponsons

This is a start...I know I have a bunch of units many are not thrilled with (Orgyns and Stormtroopers). I'll give this build a shot and see what she does. The plan is to find cover with the 4 troops, outflank with the elites, order with the HQ's, and pound the enemy with the LRBT's. Everyone in the army has a 4 BS except the Ogryns and the Tanks. Two of the troops will move up with the 2nd CCS for objective grabbing later in the game. Orgyns or stormies, or LRBTs will hopefully contest those in the opponents area.

That is all for now...I'll let yah know how it works out.


  1. Interesting looking list... just one question: do you really need all of those voxes? (voxen? voces? voci?) Creed and Kell means that you are issuing 4 orders per turn and testing on leadership 10, which definitely does not need the reroll that a vox offers. And you can't give orders to units that are inside vehicles anyway so you will most of the time only have 4 targets. With the points saved you can add a third special weapon to your vet squads, greatly improving their killing potential (unless the demo pack counts as a special weapon, which I don't think is the case [though I may be wrong]), or spend it on something else like a master of the fleet as you will be saving 30 points by doing that.
    Oh, and just to be clear, Creed grants scout (though I'm sure that you mean you intend to outflank, in which case it doesn't matter. I'm just a little OCD sometimes, sorry!)

    But all in all, I like the list- it's definitely a new way to look at a gunline-style army.

  2. Hey Max...thanks for the comment. I do like your Idea of ditching the voxes. I am at the moment limited in that every single Mordian Special weapon I own is present in this list.

    I figure after playin this a couple of times I'll get sick of the demo charges landing on my squads and free up some points. No the Demo Pack does not count as a special weapon.

    Yeah you nailed it with the outflank Idea...my bad on the infiltrate vs. scout.

    You have given me something to think about my friend.