Monday, June 22, 2009

What we have here is Failure to Communicate...

I'm gonna rant for a bit...then get to what I did this weekend. As I have posted here the plan was to play the Lucky 13's second scenario Saturday at the local gamestore. Well, those plans fell through.

Turns out the town the local store is located in has a summer festival once a year. Big to do, shut down the street the store is on to vehicle traffic so that people can walk the downtown, side walk vendors, music...stuff like that. Anyway, that turned out to be last Saturday, when we were planning to play, but I didn't know that. The store owner isn't thrilled with opening on that day because our hobby doesn't attract the general public. Ususally people just come in the store to use the tiolet on these festival days.

So just after I've loaded my army / books / terrain in the car, I call the store owner to see what time he was going to open, hoping he could open a little early. He informs me he hadn't planned on opening until mid afternoon due to the festival. I'm like..."What?". Then he asks if my opponent had called and talked to me this week. I say no then he says he is sorry, he thought I knew about the festival and that my opponent had spoken with me. He says he would open up for me, but I should talk with my opponent first. So I call my opponent who thought the store owner had spoken with me about the festival and that I knew we were not going to play, and he made had other plans. :/

Oh well, things happen, plans fall through. My stuff wasn't finished being painted yet anyway. I'm really disappointed, cause with a Wife, 2 young kids, a 2nd shift job and part time college my slate is pretty full. I get maybe 2 days a year where I get a 4+ hour window on a weekend where the schedules align just right and I can roll dice with my friends. This was one of those times. Hopefully I'll get to get these guys on the table before the end of the summer. I'm trying to drum up interest at the local store for Ard Boyz...but that is like pulling teeth, and I'm not even sure If I can go yet. End Rant.

So rather than sulking about, I redirected my energy into something constructive. I've had a spare set of AoBR Termies that I primed up. A friend just picked up the Assault Terminator set and gave me the extra weapons that he didn't use. Building my guard force I relize that I have a gaping whole for anti-psycher. So I built an Inquisitor Lord. (Ignore the two ThunderHammer Termies - they are getting added to the Assault Termie unit my friend just made.) I used the AoBR termie sarge, cutting the arms just below the shoulderpads and adding the lightning claws. I placed shoulder banner hanging off each pad, to add some size to the mini. The back banner came from the second AoBR commander I had. Figure I'll paint him in a nice shade of Red, with lots of gold highlights. Glowing green lightning claws...maybe blue. I plan on using greenstuff to add the Inquisition badge on the blank shoulder pad.

I'll be pulling the Inquistor Lord from the Deamonhunters book. Giving him Termie Armor, Psychic Hood, Lighting Claws, The 4+ fixed save thingy. Adding a couple of mystics to the unit to give the anti-deepstrike ability. Adding a couple of warriors to the unit to increase his WS. With this addition I take care of enemy psychers, enemy deepstrikers and add a counter assault unit to my guard force.

That's all for now. Thanks for listening.

Friday, June 12, 2009

End of Week update.

Got a little bit done this week. Above is the Baneblade "Indefatigable" that just needs decals. I've had this model for 15+ years, and finally got it painted. It has never hit the table, so I'm curious as to how she will fare the weekend after next.

This is the last batch of Mordians that need to be painted. I'm hoping to have them done by June 20th for the big Apoc game. I needed a 3rd Meltagun armed guardsman for the force, so I spent an hour hacking away one of the lasguns and adding a plastic Marnie Meltagun. Came out ok, it's the one with the black gun in the pic above. I finished modding the sniper rifles. I didn't have any more Space Marine bolter scopes, so I scrounged around in my bits box to see what would pass for a scope. One scope was made from the barrel of the Lasgun I had just hacked off for the Melta. The other 4 are the Plasma Cannons from the very old Epic Space Marine Land Speeders. They are the grey scopes on the pic above.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3000 point force for Lucky 13's - Scenario #2

I've never actually played a game of Apocolypse yet. My first one will be the Lucky 13's - Scenario #2. I know the terrain (seen in the pic) and that one opponent will be bringing Chaos Marines. There might be a couple more that show up , but from the response from the store's forums, it might just be us two.

The scenario seems pretty straight forward as an objective grab. LUCKY 13's - Scenario #2 I have deveolped a force with the 95th Mordians, I'm gonna throw it out there for comments and criticism.

CCS #1 - Lascannon, Sniper Rifle, Vox, Bolt-Pistol, Master of Ord.
CCS #2 - Lascannon, Regimental Standard, Vox, Bolt-Pistol, Chimera
Commisar Yarrick

Orgyns (5), Chimera
Ratlings (3)
Stormtroopers (10), 2 Plasma Guns, PW, Airborne Assault

Veteran Squad #1 - Lascannon, 3 Sniper Rifles, Vox
Veteran Squad #2 - Lascannon, 3 Sniper Rifles, Vox
Veteran Squad #3 - Lascannon, 3 Sniper Rifles, Vox
Veteran Squad #4 - Hvy Bolter, 3 GLs, Vox
Veteran Squad #5 - Hvy Bolter, 3 GLs, Vox
Veteran Squad #6 - Bastonne, 3 Melta, Chimera, Demolitions

Hvy Support
LRBT #1 - Pask, Lascannon, HB sponsons
LRBT #2 - Lascannon, HB sponsons
LRBT #3 - Lascannon, HB sponsons
LR Exterminator - HB, HB sponsons

2999 points.

We have an agreement to limit the force to 1 superheavy each. I have read that having an uneven number can be very unbalancing to a game. The Chaos forces have a Shadowsword, a survivor from their Legion days.

Battle Plan
Here it is, poke some holes in it.

Force A - CCS#1 & Vet Squads 1-3 and Yarrick will be defending the HQ building. Yarrick and one of the Vet Squads will be in the building. The other two and the CCS will be set up either to one side of the minefield, in cover. The CCS will issue orders to the two squads to snipe away at any "Lash" princes out there. I have no desire to be lashed into the minefield, and as you can see from my force, I have no Anti-psycher ability other than firepower.

Force B - CCS #2 & Vet Squads #4-5, LRBT 2 & 3. This force will try to claim the objective I place in no-mans land. The Vet squads are on foot, so the CCS will be gving them the Move order from the chimera to get them into position as quick as possible.

Force C - LR Exterminator, Bastonne Vet squad, Ogryns. This force will be tasked with getting the objective my opponent places in the neutral zone. I almost put Yarrick in with the ogryns, but I think he will do more good in the HQ building to fight off the eventual storming of that building. I am curious as to how a Twinlinked Demo-Charge will work.

Force D - Stormtroopers. These will be kept in reserve, and re-roll their deepstrike when they land. They will either Drop in on the objective in my opponents zone if the game is going very well for me. Most likely they will be a count-attack force to re-take/secure one of the other objectives.

Force E - Baneblade, Pask LRBT, Ratlings - All of these guys are firesupport to be placed and shoot until they can't shoot anymore.

Target priorty will be...
1) Lash Psychers
2) Shadowsword
3) Assault troops

I'm leaning towards taking the Disruptor Beacon as the Strategic Asset. Anything deepstriking into my lines will cause me major pain. This will give me a chance to keep them away from the HQ and the neutral zone objective I place.

My other idea is to take Obstacles. This would let me place Vet squads 1,2 and the CCS #1 in the minefield, just in front of the building in 4+ cover. It would also let me place a line of razor wire along the back edge of the minefield, to prevent any Flank Marchers from walking right in the back door. But all that cover is pretty useless if a squad of termies drops in behind them.

So what do yah think? Any other ideas for strategic assets?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prepwork for Planetstrike

Had to post some new picks of the Firebase I've gotten ready for Planetstrike. Ok, OK, it was ready before I even knew about Planetstrike...But Darn nice of GW to make some rules for me to use this baby.

Been pretty busy with the summer school semester, fighting off a cold, clearing the scrub brush out of the back yard, having a burn pile. In short here is what is currently on the painting tray.

Three Guard Objective markers, a Chimera crewman, 21 Marines for my Greenhouse Guardian force, and a Wraithlord. The Wraithlord had been on the table for a while...but keeps getting bumped for more Guard figs. Heck once those 30 Mordians are done soaking in the Pine Sol...That Wraithlord will get bumped back again. ;)

June 20th will be the first battle for the 95th Rifles...and an Apoc battle none the less. We will be using the 2nd Lucky 13's scenario that was recently posted over on the GW site. I don't think that is the actual weekend of the event, so it won't count to the national points. But we will have fun none the less. I will be sure to bring the camera and prepare a full battle report for you all.

Things I need to do before June 20th...
1) Finish painting my Baneblade.
2) Workout a 5500 point force of 95th Rifles, and Greenhouse Guardian Marines.
3) If I don't have enough painted finish those marines on the tray, and figure if I will need to finish those Mordians getting stripped.

That's all for now...