Thursday, April 18, 2013

6th Edition...MIA 40ker returns to the front lines.

Yeah I've been away for a while.  Had quite a run playing Battletech campaigns, and the new Quick Strike
campaigns   Jumped in with both feet into Dreadball...which is still an ongoing league / painting project.

However a couple of the old gamer buds have come back to 40k...who am I to abandon them.  So over the last week I've finally gotten about to assembling and magentizing the Manticore / Deathstrike Missile launcher.  I've also assembled and magentized two Wraithlords for my Eldar army...mostly because I was on a roll and waiting for the greenstuff to harden on the Manticore.

Finally, a good friend of mine, the FLGS owner, landed huge batch of imperial guard in trade with a customer.   He then turned and gave me all the Mordians in that batch...all Heavy weapon teams, I would guess about 15 teams in all, with weapons.  Fielding them all will be quite a change from the core build rule of the 95th (BS 4, and as many sniper rifles as possible).  I'll have to take regular companies rather than veterans to fit them all in.  I'll also have to update my painting chart once I get them all sorted.

Anyway I got my hands on the new rulebook and there are a couple of things that I think really help the Mordian 95th Rifles.

1) Sniper rule changes.  To hit roll of a 6 I get to pick my target...that is pretty sweet.  The 95th usually has from 12-18 sniper rifles on the table so this rule is a good change.  Keeping that with Rending on a 6 wound roll...means I have a 1 in 36 change with each sniper shot to put an AP2 wound on a mini of my choice.  Course they have the "Look out sir" rule for their leaders...but I'm more interested in taking out the special weapons / heavy weapons.

2) Flyers...Valk / Vendetta will be even more viable.

3) Warlord...Like that Sharpe will have even more skills / abilities open to him.

4) Snap fire on the move.  Standard 95th Vet squad is 3 Sniper rifles and a Lascannon. Like that I can now shoot the half of my veterans squad when I move that I couldn't before...sure I'll need a 6...and those snipers will be regluar non precision shots if they hit...but I'll be rolling dice.

5) Overwatch.  So I get to shoot at them coming in?  How sweet is that!

Hope to get my first game with the new rules in this Friday...I'll let you know how it comes out.