Friday, May 22, 2009

Painting Progress...

Finally got some pics taken of the post dipped and dull coated Mordians.

Here are the three Mortar teams. Usually I won't be fielding these, but using the gunners as a Vox-Casters and the loaders as a Demo-charge veterans. I know I shouldn't put terrain on the base, but if there is ever an issue of LOS...I can always just spin the mini around to the opponent can get an unobstucted veiw of them. Truthfully, if my mortars are getting shot at...I've already lost.

Standard Bearer. Took the backbanner from the tactical Space marine set, mounted it on an Antenna from the old Leman Russ set. The Trooper is actually unmodified, he is supposed to be holding back one hand in a "Hold up a sec guys, I think I see something" pose. I's really simple and very bland looking...but then so was the banner from the "Sharpe's" movies.

Up next? I landed 30 Mordians on Ebay...thought they were just primed, but they were primed over another paint job. They are getting the Pine Sol dip right now.
They will round out the remaining 3 veteran squads and finish my 2000point force.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Progress Report.

Well it was a good week. I got a little side tracked after seeing the the latest Transformers Movie Trailer. For years I have been creating a set of Wargame rules based on the Transformers universe. This week I built a blog about my progress where you can download the rules and check them out.

Transformers : The Wargame

But enough about that, on to the Mordians.
This week I finished up 49 Mordians by giving them the dip. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. I'm holding off on the pics until I can finish up the Heavy weapons that I had re-based.

I finished up "Hornblower"...or Pask and mounted him in the turret of Leman Russ #1.

I also finished up the Standard Bearer, with him I just decaled an imperial double eagle on the banner with the 9 and 5 decals from the Land Raider decal sheet. It came out very plain looking...but the 95th banner from the movies was very simple as well.

(Ok, Ok...I'll get the camera fired up this weekend and post pics of all this work.)

Thanks for reading...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New 2000 pt build...Veteran heavy theme army.

Ok here is the revamped list. Should prove interesting to play for a theme based army (BS4, Sniper rifles).


HQ: CCS, LasCannon, Regimental Standard, Vox, Bolt Pistol, Chimera (147pts)
HQ: CCS, LasCannon, Sniper, Vox, Bolt Pistol, Chimera (137pts)

Elite: Ogryns x5, Chimera (265 pts)
Elite: Stormtroopers X10, Power Weapon, Plasma X2, Airborne Assault (205 pts)

Troops: Veterans, Vox, LasCannon, Melta, Sniper, Sniper (115pts)
Troops: Veterans, Vox, LasCannon, Melta, Sniper, Sniper (115pts)
Troops: Veterans, Vox, LasCannon, Flamer, Flamer, Sniper (110pts)
Troops: Veterans, Vox, HB, GL, GL, Sniper (100pts)
Troops: Veterans, Vox, HB, GL, GL, Sniper (100pts)
Troops: Veterans, Vox, HB, GL, GL, Sniper (100pts)

Heavy: Leman Russ Battle Tank, Pask, LasCannon, HB Sponsons (235pts)
Heavy: Leman Russ Battle Tank, LasCannon, HB Sponsons (185pts)
Heavy: Leman Russ Battle Tank, LasCannon, HB Sponsons (185pts)

Total: 1999 points.


Plan: Gunline with the Vets, CCS giving orders from the Chimeras, mostly the anti cover or anti vehicle-MC order I'm guessing. Lots of chances to pin between all the snipers and the tanks. Stormies will paradrop near an enemy held objective. Ogryns will wait to counter attack, or advance in the chimera depending upon the enemy.

My favorite part is that only the Ogryns and 2 tanks are BS3...the rest of the army is BS4. I could reduce the ogryns by 1 and take some ratlings, just for more sniper shots, but that is another couple easy kill points I would be giving up. I know it will take me a few games to align my special weapons correctly. I know I will be wasting shots with this force having Lascannons in with sniper rifles and flamers. I spread the rifles out rather than bunching them to give the best chance of pinning multiple units. My thought is that the Leman Russ Tanks will be the primary anti-tank force.

Any suggestions as to how to align the special / heavy weapons? I do have 3 mortars on the shelf I could swap out the other heavys with. You can see all the specials that I own at this time.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly update...Do Bolters need scopes? Nah!

Just a brief update on what's happening with the 95th. Been busy the last week finishing up the school semester so not much progress has been made.

1) Tweaked my 2000 point build from two posts ago. First up I dropped Creed and Kell, kept the voxes, add added a 4th tank with Pask. I put two standard LRBT in a squadron, kept one LRBT by itself, and the 3rd heavy choice would be Pask in an Exterminator. Also added a Regimental standard, and modeled one.

2) Then I made the mistake of hitting Ebay. I landed 3 full squads of Mordains for pretty cheap...well cheap compared with what GW is charging for 10 of them. This let me rebuild my force yet again.

3) The new build has 6 squads of veterans, 2 Company command squads, Ogryns, Stormtroopers, and 3 LRBT one with Pask at the helm. The command squads and ogryns have chimeras. The Stormies will have to drop in without a vehicle. Voxes all around. The command squads have Lascannons. Of the vet squads, 3 have Lascannons, 3 have Heavy bolters. As of their special weapons, each squad has 3 now. I now have 6 GL, 2 Melta and 2 flamers special weapon Mordians. How does that fill all 18 special weapon slots in the 6 veteran squads. Well, I've been busy modding.

4) I took the Mordian basic trooper that has his lasgun in the firing position, and his head down on the sights. Then I looked at my unpainted Marines and notice that a bunch of them have scopes. Why the heck do bolters have scopes anyway? First time they fire they would have to be re-sighted. Lets just say they no longer have scopes. I glued the scopes onto the lasguns. Then I exteded the barrel of the lasguns, using the missle body of the old hunter killer missles I had in my bits box. They were the exact diamater of the lasgun barrel so they fit perfectly. Very simple sniper rifles. Did up 5 of these I have to find more marines, with scopes they don't need, to fill out the remaining special weapon slots. The sniper rifle fits the "theme" of the 95th rifles, so now each veteran squad will have at least one in it. The plan is to use a massive gunline to slow the advance 6 chances to pin each turn (not counting the LRBT's).

5) I'm doing it again. My painting tray has all my (pre-latest ebay purchase) Mordians on it, about 50 figs. I have base coated them green and black. I'm about halfway done the brown/wood colors for the guns. I know I should just paint one squad at a time. But I can't help myself. I want a uniform look, and I do plan on using the dipping method. Figure this way they whole army (except the 30 from the ebay purchase) will be done.

6) I'm going to try and break free this weekend for a lucky 13th apoc battle down at the local gamestore...we will see if this will happen or not. I'll bring the camera and take some pics for a battle report if I do make it.

7) I've also almost completed my tank commander. I just took a spare Mordian Lascannon crewman, the one with the raised hand and binoculars. Cut him at the waist. Thanks to some early comments I have repainted him. He originally was the Rifles green, but he really blended with the tank. The new scheme is that of a british naval officer of the napoleonic era (Blue, white, gold and yellow). I'll be renaming "Pask" to "Hornblower" for the 95th. That BS 4 he gives will fit nicely with the theme of the army.

That's all for now...