Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Worst Unit in the Imperial Guard.

I'm in the middle of a game, teaching a new player the game. I started him with the Marines, and I took the Guard. We have left the game set up down in the Bullpen, so most all of my Mordians are on the table.

I had a little free time today, so I figured I would put some paint on some minis, and grabbed the squad of Orgyns, that got a basecoat of flesh many months ago. Why on earth would I paint the Orgyns, them being the worst unit in the Guard? Well one to be different. Two, I hope they get a little bit of a bump in the new Codex that is due out in May. They are the best close combat option the Guard...they just suffer from a statline that does not match the figure or the point cost to field them.

Getting back to my paint scheme. With the rumors of the new codex, and the much lower cost of basic guard...I might not have enough basic Imperial Guard troopers. At $35 for 10 metal Mordians...getting a new full platoon will be very expensive. However I could get 20 Cadians for $35. So keeping the 95th Rifles theme...I guess I will just paint the Mordians in the green coats, and everyone else in the standard british uniform redcoats, white pants, black boots and hat. By everyone I mean Stormtroopers, Cadians if I get them, Commisars, Psychers, Ratlings, Tank crew...and Ogryns. Yep red tattered T-shirts for the big boys. No pics at this point, just got the basecoat of red done and about 1/3 way through the blacklayer on them.

I do plan on keeping this whole army simple, and dipping them for details. I'll be making a detailed post of how I dip my minis with detailed pics at a later date.


  1. Cool to see someone doing Mordians!I myself have looked into doing a Steel Legion army but it's intimidating when you look at the price tag. Not to mention getting figs that can't be posed. My hats off to you sir! Your gonna have one hell of a unique army on the table that no one else will have and nice paint scheme too. I'm looking forward to your progress :)

  2. Thanks Warrior. These guys have been collecting dust on my shelf for way too long. With the new codex...just had to start slapping some paint on them.