Saturday, March 14, 2009

Starting Point...

Ok here is what I have to work with.

  • One Platoon of Mordian Iron Guard, numerous special weapons, lots of extra crouching HW crew that I have been using for Vox carriers.
  • One Command Squad
  • Three Lascannon teams
  • Three Hvy Bolter teams
  • Three Mortar teams
  • Three ratling snipers
  • Squad of orgyns
  • Sqaud of the really old Stormtroopers with extra sgt and two plasma guns
  • Three Commisars
  • One Psycher

Now for the Tanks...
  • Three Leman Russ Main Battle Tanks.
  • Three Chimera armored transports.
  • One Leman Russ Executioner Battle tank.
  • One Baneblade battletank...(ignore the eldar stuff)

More to come...

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