Saturday, March 21, 2009

Silly Putty and Tanks...

I debated for a long time how to paint up the Leman Russ and Chimeras that I have for the 95th Rifles. I decided to just do the standard Cadian camo scheme that you see in all the books.

I have always brush painted my tanks, but a friend suggested that I try a different approach. He suggested two cans of spray paint and some silly putty. Here are the first three steps I have done so far.
Step #1: Spray whole tank with base color (Tan) and apply Putty.

Step #2: Spray Secondary color (Green)

Step #3: When Dry, remove Putty.

From here I have to brush paint the tracks black.

Detail the Guns, hatches and treads.

Wash or Dip the whole tank in a dark brown.

Dry Brush the whole tank.

Apply decals.

So yeah I have a LOT left to do on this tank. I'll post more when I have made progress.


  1. I've just started brush painting my first vehicle, also a Leman Russ. I like this idea; certainly more time friendly. Is there much of a hard line where the colors meet?

  2. Yeah the line is very hard. I actually had to trim in a couple of places. I think it was cause I pulled the putty off too quickly and the paint lifted a little as I removed it. Cleaned up nicely.

    I hope to have more done on this, over the weekend. Primary computer croaked and my spare time has been goin into that.