Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Found a command figure...sort of.

So I have been looking and looking for the right guy to represent the commander of the 95th. I think I might have found him.

Currently I have two guys swapping duty, depending on how I equip them. (These pics are pulled from the GW site and not my paintjobs, just showing them for the mini)

The first...
By the book...Mordian Officer Mini. I could be happy with this guy, but he just seems to portly / Old. Those of you who have watched the movies...I think he looks too much like Obediah, which kinda ruins the while Sharpe's Rifles theme to the army. Plus he has a Chainsword. Really want a Power Weapon on my commander.

The Second...
Yeah I know he is Valhallan and not Mordian, but the hat fit the army theme, so did the epaulets. Close enough to pass for a Mordian Officer. But he has a Hand Flamer (weapon that is not even in the game any longer), I've been calling it a Plasma Pistol, and again with the Chain Sword. Plus he looks like a dork with buckteeth, ok maybe that is just the paintjob they gave him.

I did a little looking and found two possible options to represent "Sharpe".


Colonel Ibram Gaunt...looks the part, power sword and all. not sure if I like the cape though.


Death Korps Commisar from Forgeworld. I would have to mod this guy, chopping off that head, and trying to save that awesome Hat. The Jacket and the Uniform are too nice on this mini to pass up.

Just some random thoughts... What do you guys think?


  1. The Death Korps guy seems a bit overdressed to be Sharpe. The Gaunt's Ghost figure even has the right pants and boots... I'd go with him. Build up his sideburns with some green stuff, maybe. The first two are generic looking.

  2. I love that Mordian officer so very much. If he didn't look so angry I'd ask him to be my friend.

    - Drax.

  3. Why not just get the forgeworld guy and leave the mask on? It'd make the commisar extra scary.

  4. well seeing as Dan Abnett, the writer of Gaunt's Ghosts, based his series off of the Sharpe series I would go with Ibram Gaunt.