Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Progress Report.

Well it was a good week. I got a little side tracked after seeing the the latest Transformers Movie Trailer. For years I have been creating a set of Wargame rules based on the Transformers universe. This week I built a blog about my progress where you can download the rules and check them out.

Transformers : The Wargame

But enough about that, on to the Mordians.
This week I finished up 49 Mordians by giving them the dip. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. I'm holding off on the pics until I can finish up the Heavy weapons that I had re-based.

I finished up "Hornblower"...or Pask and mounted him in the turret of Leman Russ #1.

I also finished up the Standard Bearer, with him I just decaled an imperial double eagle on the banner with the 9 and 5 decals from the Land Raider decal sheet. It came out very plain looking...but the 95th banner from the movies was very simple as well.

(Ok, Ok...I'll get the camera fired up this weekend and post pics of all this work.)

Thanks for reading...

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