Friday, May 22, 2009

Painting Progress...

Finally got some pics taken of the post dipped and dull coated Mordians.

Here are the three Mortar teams. Usually I won't be fielding these, but using the gunners as a Vox-Casters and the loaders as a Demo-charge veterans. I know I shouldn't put terrain on the base, but if there is ever an issue of LOS...I can always just spin the mini around to the opponent can get an unobstucted veiw of them. Truthfully, if my mortars are getting shot at...I've already lost.

Standard Bearer. Took the backbanner from the tactical Space marine set, mounted it on an Antenna from the old Leman Russ set. The Trooper is actually unmodified, he is supposed to be holding back one hand in a "Hold up a sec guys, I think I see something" pose. I's really simple and very bland looking...but then so was the banner from the "Sharpe's" movies.

Up next? I landed 30 Mordians on Ebay...thought they were just primed, but they were primed over another paint job. They are getting the Pine Sol dip right now.
They will round out the remaining 3 veteran squads and finish my 2000point force.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Is it just me or do they have a purple touch? Nice to see such a big army of fittingly painted minis of past days. Keep it on!

  2.'s the lights. Cheap Flurecent ones I bought to light the whole basement. Makes the reds look off as well. Thanks for the props!

  3. Looking nice mate, but have to agree with the purple comment. I think it's the pics, not the models.

    Love the standard bearer, hope you don't mind, but I'm nicking that - lol

  4. I use the Praetorian gunner crew for my vox-casters as well:

    Good looking army here.

  5. In a world currently filled to the brim of plastic Cadian armies, it's refreshing to see a well painted Mordian regiment taking shape! I'm liking the sandbags a lot. These look great, keep 'em coming!

  6. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    Mortars are great now - still Str4; still cause pinning...but now only 60 points! they'll murder anything other than MEQ, and I killed a Deathwing Terminator Apothocary with one the other day.

    The best thing about them is the fact they're so much fun to use!

    And don't worry about the sandbags - hopefully the mortars will be in cover 95% of the time, eh?