Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa might have pulled me back in...

So When opening my Christmas presents I found this sitting in my lap...

A very cool piece.  Will have to assemble it and see how hard it will be to magnetize / modify it so I can swap out the Maticore for the Deathstrike.

The next question that comes is...How does this fit in the "Theme" of the army.  I suppose it could be "Horse Rocket artillery"

Course I might not want to jinx the model with the accuracy shown by the Horse Arty in the video above. ;)

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and got lots of sweet gaming loot from Santa.


  1. From what I have read the kit only lets you built one of the two in a way that wont let you enough pieces to swap out, I hope you can do it anyway.

    I wish my gifts had included something like that. ;)

  2. cool, i so want one of these. i do remember seeing an article by someone on magnetising the model so that you can use both versions - if you want to try it

  3. when you figure out the magnet work can you let me know?

  4. Have you seen Col. Gravis's rocket company on his blog? They look exactly like the rocket company from 'Sharpe's Enemy', and he uses them to represent heavy weapon teams with missile launchers.

    Food for thought!

  5. Rough Idea with the magnets...

    Looks like two parts are shared, Launching rack and half of each missile.

    Make use the parts supplied for the Manticore rack, scratch build the rack for the deathstrike. Magnetize both parts to attach to the hydraulics assembly.

    Don't glue the half missiles on - Using Greenstuff to make supports (with magnets) on the inner half of the missles, and the inside of the Deathstrike. Then on the shared missiles, make crossbeams on the inside of those part with greenstuff magnets.

    Once done, to swap out you would just have to place the correct missile rack with magnets, and attach the 4 half missiles to that rack.

    In theory is should be easy. But I figure it will take 30 magnets and a good chunk of greenstuff. (still cheaper than the bitz to make both)

  6. General question on your army. Have you ever thought of using Al'Rahem? He would fit as an early Sharpe (or Fredrickson if you want Straken as well) with his mobile forces on covert missions and a huge sword that insta-kills.

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