Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hiatus from 40k...heard the call of Battletech again.

Been a few months since my last post.  Figured it was more than time for an update as to my status.

I've gotten a little blog happy as of recent.  In July I started up a 40k campaign with the local gaming crew.

Using Planetary empire rules.  Made a blog for the players to follow online and set up battles at their own homes.  Unfortunately, if fizzled rather quickly, with only 3 of the players meeting after the first two months.  Campaign is still going on, though updates will be very few an far between figuring it might be months before anyone gets a game in.  You can see the details at...


What am I doing now?  All my gaming energy is going into running a Battletech campaign.  For years the guys have been bugging me to run another Battletech campaign.  Finally after some dedicated harassment from a couple of players, I broke and jumped in to the campaign creation process with both feet.  We had our first game 2 weeks ago, plan on playing once a month.  You can see the campaign details and follow the progress of the Campaign over at...


Til Later,

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