Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harker to Harper with Greenstuff

So some of you may not know who Sgt. Major Patrick Harper is...

From Wikipedia...
Harper is a large, fierce-seeming man from Donegal, Ireland. He joined the 95th Rifle Regiment as a rifleman. Harper and Richard Sharpe are enemies initially, but Harper becomes Sharpe's best friend and most reliable companion, rising in rank to sergeant and later to regimental sergeant-major. Along with Sharpe he is one of the principal protagonists of the series, and appears in most of the books.

As in an earlier entry I said I would be using the Harker stats to represent Harper. To see Harper in action... head about 3 minutes in and enjoy the rest. You get to see Harper and Sharpe do their stuff...note the multibarrel gun that Harper uses.

Anyway...I finally got some greenstuff, and converted my Harker mini to a Harper mini. I had to sacrifice an old commisar minii for the Epaulettes, I really liked that mini, but it was worth it. Plus there will never be a commisar in the 95th (Sharpe would kill them before they layed a hand on one of his Sgts.)

This was my first go at this amount of greenstuff. The camera really shows what my eyes couldn't make out for mistakes. I'll be going back and touching him up, but for a first try I think he came out OK.



That's all for now...


  1. The top picture just screams Pat Harper to me. Soon as I looked at it, I could hear Dara screaming at that horrible English Colour Sergeant (iirc) earlier on in Sharpe's Regiment.

  2. Inspired Model! Where did the Hat come from?

  3. Thanks V-Byrd!

    Harris, got the shako from a company called Victrix. They do 28mm Nappy figs. Their boxes come with 2 sets of head, and a friend gave me the leftover rifleman heads he had. I'm putting the rest on a ratling unit. ;)

  4. I really really like what you've done with him.

    That said, the shako does seem everso slightly 'perched' atop his head...

  5. Thanks Drax, yeah I trimmed the head down quite a bit and she still is sitting up pretty high.

    I was afraid at first to go too low, and cut off too much of his forehead.

    Now it looks like the hat is falling off of his head. The hat is not pinned and only on with superglue. I'll keep it like this for now, and when the at comes off, make the adjustment. Either putting the hat on the base and fill in his hair, or go for the full frontal lobotomy.

  6. Update. I ditched the Hat on Harper, and Greenstuffed his curly hair. Fear not, the hats will make an appearance. I landed 5 of the older Ratling snipers off Ebay. Should have pics up some time next week of Harper and the Ratlings with their new hats.