Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Found my Sharpe.

So after a year of looking I finally chose the mini I will use to represent Sharpe, for my Commanding officer. Turns out he was right under my nose all along.

I went back to the guard page on the GW site just to look around and I saw him.


Figure I will paint him up to look like this...

Still undecided if I will take the head off and replace with a Boromir head from their LOTR line. I probably won't due that, do to the goatee on all the Boromir figs.

Sharpe at times wore a great coat, but it was always muddy/dirty, so I'm not sure I will want my commanding officer looking like this...

I'll be using the following website to assist my painting to be sure I get the colors right.

And on a side note I have begun to assemble the Valkyrie. The paint scheme I plan to do for that is a story for another day.

That's all for now...


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how he turns out mate, I just love Sharpe.

  2. That Commissar is perfect for Sharpe! I've been enjoying seeing you choosing the Chosen Men, so I'm excited to see how Sharpe turns out.

    At what rank and time will you be portraying him?

  3. Well, I'm thinking Major. Though I will be using Sharpe as a Proxy for Colonel Straken. Figure he won't always be leading from the front, but will be able to when needed. So that fits better than his Lt. or Capt. days where he was always leading the charge, storming the breach, or taking the French Eagle. I'll keep you all posted.