Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sgt. Major Patrick Harper

I'm still waiting for a friend to download some pics of the Lucky 13's battle we had this weekend. It was pretty bloody, but I'll save the after action report for when the pics are available. (Wife had our camera)

So in the rush to get everything done for this weekends game, I realized that all my Mordians were painted. Yep every single last one. I have been given a Valkyrie for my birthday, and I'm scrapping together an Inquisitor Lord and retinue, but for Mordains I'm done.

My plans now is do up some of the major characters from the "Sharpe" series. I've posted earlier about Major Sharpe. Still have to find a Gaunt figure for him. I think I have finally found Sgt Major Patrick Harper. Sgt Harper in the movies carried around a volley gun. It shot 7 pistol balls at once, and it was claimed by Major Sharpe that Patrick was the only man big enough to shoot the damned thing.

Well, there was a photo recently shown in the Italian White Dwarf of the new Sgt Harker mini.

Harker...Harper...both large men...both carry weapons not useable by other men. Any chance GW got the idea for Sgt. Harker from Sgt. Harper? Nah, I didn't think so either.

Anyway...this one will put my limited Greenstuff skills to the test. Yep that is right, I'll be takin the Harker figure and putting a Mordian uniform on him. Should prove a challenge worthy of the final piece to the Mordian 95th Rifles.


  1. That is a pretty large challenge.... congratulations on finishing an army!

  2. Take a look at www.albanminiatures.com (95th rifles, light company, line infantry etc...)
    Hope this is of some help to your project.