Friday, June 12, 2009

End of Week update.

Got a little bit done this week. Above is the Baneblade "Indefatigable" that just needs decals. I've had this model for 15+ years, and finally got it painted. It has never hit the table, so I'm curious as to how she will fare the weekend after next.

This is the last batch of Mordians that need to be painted. I'm hoping to have them done by June 20th for the big Apoc game. I needed a 3rd Meltagun armed guardsman for the force, so I spent an hour hacking away one of the lasguns and adding a plastic Marnie Meltagun. Came out ok, it's the one with the black gun in the pic above. I finished modding the sniper rifles. I didn't have any more Space Marine bolter scopes, so I scrounged around in my bits box to see what would pass for a scope. One scope was made from the barrel of the Lasgun I had just hacked off for the Melta. The other 4 are the Plasma Cannons from the very old Epic Space Marine Land Speeders. They are the grey scopes on the pic above.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. That's a fantastic old-school Baneblade - great name, too - very 'Hornblower'.

    Where did you get it? Scratch-built? I always liked those old 'Epic'-style sponsons in particular...

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Baneblade is one of the old Armorcast ones. Before they re-did it with a "Detailed version, and before forgeworld got hold of it...and GW.

    Yeah she still has the 3 bolters sticking out of the Sponsons. The Hull mounted hvy bolter is a single too over a tiny little bolter in a turret.

    The guns that matter are correct. ;)

    Kicker is I got another one of these Armorcast baneblades that I'm painting up for the Space Marine chapter I'm doing.

  3. SWEET!

    Please tell me you'll be going properly old-school and painting up an Imperial Guard landraider?



  4. Weirdly enough, I've always had a kind of soft spot for the old landraider model.

    I'd go heavy on the decals - lots of open space to work with.

    The 3 way sponson is pretty cool. I'd like to get some models of the weird interwar tanks to work with, like the T-30 (I think) with the crazy turrets for super heavies.

  5. Drax, Sadly no...No Land Raiders for my guardsmen. Although I did actually hold one of the legendary "2 in one Box" Land Raider boxes what must be close to 20 years ago...but I put it back down and picked up a Predator. Like I said...a long long time ago when I had my 1st 40k army Dark Angels.

    Although I like the way you think...Orgyns in a land raider...yeah baby!